Brave Beginner

The perfect program for those looking to start working out for the first time or the first time in a long time! Don't let the word 'beginner' fool you though. This structured series of exercise guides will get you sweating! But if you stick to it, you'll discover newfound confidence in the gym and in how you feel about yourself.
Intensity Level
8 weeks
3 workouts/week
daily time commitment
45 minutes
Gym Confidence
Burn Body Fat
Build Muscle
Increase Cardio Endurance
equipment needed
Barbell & Plates, Squat Rack, Dumbbells, Bench, Pull-up Bar, Box

you can do it!!

"If everything were easy all the time, where would we develop our strength and resilience?
Maybe our struggles are our “unfair advantage.”
The more you have to overcome, the more mentally, physically, and emotionally tough you become."