Exercise is the daily catalyst for a positive state of mind.

Lifestyle training to achieve your fitness goals.

Dedication. Focus. Discipline.


My goal is to train my clients to be stronger than me.

Lorum Ipsum.

You need to eat carbohydrates to get energy

Here’s where I talk about my unique approach to combining fitness and nutrition programming into an easily digestible training regimen

I once did 250 pullups in a row

…on a LEG DAY


Find the training program that’s best for you to achieve your goals
Dumbbells & Deadlifts


Weekly fitness programming designed to tone your body.

Butts. Boobs. Bellies.


Pair fitness programming with nutritional guides to achieve and maintain greatness


Custom Pricing

Custom coaching with me! Personalized plan, weekly in-person training, Ivy.

Ready to join the #FitFam?!

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Founded in 1994 by Rachel’s parents, Rachel is a world-renowned trainer living in Grand Rapids, MI.

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